2018 is finally here!

And with it, a s**** tons of resolutions that I will never stick to. That is because renewing yourself is a hard work and we don’t usually have the time, nor the will to do it.

Firstly, it is essential to start January the 1st in order to give yourself the right motivation. If you postpone everything at January the 2nd you already know that you will fail. However, on the very first day of the year you are usually to hangover to even realize that a new year has started and you are a step closer to your 50s.

Secondly, what does new year, new me even mean? It is not that I will magically become a Victoria’s Secret model overnight; or that I will become the Queen of eating healthy; or the Master of flexibility with a hint of fashion guru-y vibes. I will be the very same, old me: the one that struggle at waking up before 10 AM, that will always indulge in a piece of cake, that won’t bend when doing yoga, that will wear the first thing that comes out from my messy wardrobe.


Thirdly, as each new year starts, I promise myself that it will be MY year: I will lose weight, I will pay attention to my skin care routine, I will dress as a grown-up woman for once, I will eat healthy. Basically all I want is to be happy with myself, by creating new habits that will bring along a sense of control and organization in my life. The truth is that I am the happiest when I am reckless and uncontrolled, when things happen and completely change my little world.

As my favorite yogi says: do what feels good.

And happy new year.


PS: I am trying to stick to a 30 days yoga plan. I’ll keep you updated



It’s December, which could mean only one thing: CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

Aren’t all of you a holly ball of excitement already? No? Well, you should be! Because this is the best time of the year, when cities are all lightened up with Christmas lights, shops’ windows are more colorful, people are out and about all day buying Christmas present and eating Christmas delicatessens.

Speaking about eating, this is NOT a friendly season for scales. We tend to ingest so much food that maybe it’s better walking away and pretend that our favorite pair of jeans has just shrunken into the tumble dryer.

But here I am, with my first blog post, about to give you my “personally tested. Santa approved” unhealthy list on how survive holiday season without sinking into guilt.

  1. SLEEP. It’s holiday season after all. So might as well indulge in a long and restorative beauty sleep to be ready and fabulous for all the parties you have to attend. Moreover, it is unlikely that you gonna do something you’ll regret if you are in Dreamland.
  2. DO BRUNCHES. We all know that Christmas is a never ending stream of food, food and more food. So, why not merging together two meals? You can eat more without feeling guilty – ehy, you are just skipped breakfast or lunch, depending on your point of view – and you can take an infinite amount of instagrammable pictures in the meanwhile. It’s a win win.
  3. GO SHOPPING. December is not an easy month. First of all, it’s the last month of the year which usually means that deadlines are here, above our heads, and we have to deal with them NOW. No time left, no procrastination. Time to work beeeeeetchesss.   Secondly, we have to buy presents for everyone, tools to wrap them up in a nice little package and then we have to buy a little treat for ourselves, just because. Therefore there is almost no time left to go to the gym, alas! The good news is that going shopping burns as many calories as a medium intensity workout! Why? Well, try to carry a thousand and more bags in just one arm and then let me know!
  4. COOK WHILE LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS SONGS. Actually, this might work just for me because I am the clumsiest person on Earth. However, if you find yourself wonder with your mind at least twice a day, this tip could be for you. Basically, you’d get distracted by the jingles of Christmas carols and forgot about the food.
  5. VISIT CHRISTMAS MARKETS. Last but not least, a trip to the local Christmas market is mandatory. This won’t help you get fitter or thinner or healthier but how could you miss those little wooden cottages that sell you nice things and mulled wine?

And that’s a wrap for this blog post. I hope you liked it and found these little tips a tiny bit funny (they’re not useful at all).

Have a merry little Christmas,