Let’s be honest girls: who has never ever woken up late and had zero time to do their make-up? Nobody, I would bank on that. Going out without our make-up is totally ok, we don’t need to put our faces together to be beautiful goddesses but sometimes makeup becomes a sort of pampering step in our mornings which is necessary in order to show ourselves that we love us.

At least for me, makeup is crucial in order to demonstrate that I am not completely destroyed by the Monday Blues in the morning, that I am full of energy and that:

“I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul”

That is why every morning, I try to put just a little bit of makeup and during the years I mastered a full face makeup routine that only takes me 5 minutes to get it done and that I am about to share with you all.


First thing first, moisturizer. A good hydrating cream is key to have glowy skin and glorious makeup. Currently, I am using a straight-forward natural oil from LOGONA NATURKOSMETIK, since I am struggling with extremely dry skin, which basically flakes as soon as I put any kind of foundation on. This one is a natural, vegan and cruelty-free vitalizing facial oil made out of bio avocado which supports skin regeneration: I am in love with it because it is not too much oily if you know what I mean and it really nourishes my skin.

Then I apply my DEBORAH MILANO PURE FORMULA foundation in the shade “02 Beige” with my beloved Beauty Blender. I take my time blending because I want the most natural finish achievable. I have not much to say on the foundation because I recently purchased it after a long time, so I don’t know if my skin will love it again or hate it.

And now things get interesting.

Let me say that I am not a fan of bare eyes. I love natural eyes makeup but I need to put something on my eyelids otherwise I will not feel comfortable in my own skin. So when I literally got 2 minutes to save my day, here is what I usually do: I bake.

Yes, you read it right. I bake because I hate fall-outs and because I do not have time to put concealer on. So I quickly grab my travel sized TOO FACED BORN THIS WAY loose powder and with my Beauty Blender I pack it under my eyes and on my T-zone. In the meanwhile, I quickly reshape my eyebrows with the BENEFIT COSMETICS GIMME BROW+ in the shade “02 Light”; this product doesn’t need any explanations because its fame speaks for itself.

And now it’s time for the eyes.

My go-to, hyper quick, everyday eyeshadows palette is the TANYA BURR COSMETICS Palette, which unfortunately was a limited edition for Christmas 2017 that I purchased while in London last year because my best friend told me it was a dupe for the DOLCE VITA LUXURY PALETTE by Charlotte Tilbury. I loved this Tanya’s palette so much I literally hit the pan after few months of constant use. I apply “Marzipan” all over my lid with my fingers (I am shameless, I know), quickly followed by “Toast” blended on my crease with a big fluffy blush. Finally, I apply either “Cocoa Powder” or “Soft Truffle” with a precision brush on my upper lashline and in the corner of my eyes, creating a very blended and very little wing.


The final touches.

I brush my bake off. Since I don’t have time for bronzing I use my trusty BENEFIT COSMETICS ROCKATEUR blush, which I shamelessly apply all over my face; a ton of highlighter and my favorite of the moment is the  NABLA DENUDE HIGHLIGHTER in the shade “Wave”, but I’m afraid it is now permanently out of stock since it was a limited collection.

Last but not least I put mascara on and at the moment I am testing the MAX FACTOR FALSE LASH EPIC MASCARA and let me say that it has the weirdest brush EVER. I am not sure I totally like it because, even though I really appreciate the final look, I tend to stab myself in the eye everytime I put mascara on.

Lastly, I apply the CLIOMAKEUP CREAMY LOVE LIPSTICK in the shade “MLBB”.

And voilà, I’m done and ready to go. I know that it seems an eternity but I swear that all of this takes me just 5 minutes every morning.


Let me know in the comment section below what is your 5 minutes make-up routine if you have one, or if you rather go out bare-face in the morning.

See you in the next post my dears,




I apologize for the bad quality of the pictures (and my face) but I barely had the time to shoot. 


Big Girls YOGA Troubles


Yoga classes have been trending for the past two years now and I bet at least one of you, my lovely readers, has given it a try. After all, the benefits are incredible: it gives your body a nice stretch; it increases your strength and – above all – yoga is meant to relax and destress the mind from daily worries.

I have been practicing yoga for quite some years, and recently I enrolled into a Power Yoga class to challenge myself even more and let me tell you: THE SWEAT IS REAL! Despite being extremely helpful in managing my social anxiety,  those drops of sweat that always find a way to your eyes are so annoying and let’s not get into muscles pain… “trust your legs” they say: MAN, I DON’T EVEN TRUST MYSELF LET ALONE MY WOBBLING LEGS!

However, even if I feel more confident and strong after each practice, the one thing I know that will always give me troubles forever and ever are… MY BIG GIRLS!

Yes, you have read correctly: MY GIRLS ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS WHEN IT COMES TO YOGA.

post 2

First of all, they take space. Yoga is all about creating space to allow your body to move but with those two melons upfront, space isn’t really an option. Second of all, those babes are just additional weight pulling you down and putting you off-balance. Third of all, they are always in the way, no matter what asana you are performing.

But there are some poses which are simply impossible for those who have a bigger chest; personally these are the asanas where I feel like I want to rip my girls off my chest:

  1. SALAMBA SARVANGASANA (Supported shoulder stand) 

Don’t let the name scare you, this is a simple as it sounds candle pose. However, in order to perform it correctly, you shoulders, hips and feet should be on the very same line, which means that your girls are pressing on your throat.

There is no choice: quit trying to get the asana perfectly or die trying because your sweet balloons will literally suffocate you.

post 3


2. HALASANA (Plow pose)

The problems are the same as in the supported shoulder stand … YOU ARE CHOKING YOURSELF.

post 4


3. MARICHYASANA C (Marichi’s pose)

This one is a tough one. Not only you must have great flexibility in your shoulder and back but also you need to – guess what? – create enough space to turn your core. Easier said than done, because your ladies will crash against your thigh, making the turn impossible. While trying to do this asana I always imagine my big girls as Gandalf screaming “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”. And they are right: I won’t pass.



That’s it for today’s post. Let me know in the comment if you are into yoga as much as I do; if you struggle with asanas either because you are bigger chested girls like me or just because yoga is not as easy as it sounds.

All the love babes,

-xx F. 



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Good morning rays of Sunshine!

How many times have we struggled with waking up and get s**t done? On my account: endless! I am the hugest binge-watcher of YouTube’s morning routines and that always give me anxiety: how do they (those perfect YouTubers, ndr) manage to get up at ungodly hours such as 5:30? Seriously, get some sleep girls! Where do they find time and will-strength to drink apple vinegar and hit the gym in the bloody winter cold? Are they seriously able to WRITE a journal that early in the morning?

I can’t even remember how many time I failed while trying to set up a healthy and productive morning routine for myself: the hardest part is actually getting up before 10.30, and in those rare cases where I manage it… I end up wasting my time on Instagram, watching cute videos of cute kittens. But I am an optimistic person and I do firmly believe that achieving those miracle mornings is not impossible. On the other hand, I am well aware that nobody has never ever slept in at least once.

So, long story short: I am here to write about my IDEAL morning routine, the one that I follow during those magical days (two days per YEAR maximum) when I wake up alongside chirping birds and whatnot. But also, I will write about my HONEST morning jam, the one that slap me in the face when I hit that snooze button too many times.

silver macbook pro



It’s time to wake up little nugget! I love starting my day early: I have more time available and there is just a magical atmosphere when the rest of the world is still asleep.


Usually when I wake up my body is like a broomstick and it won’t cooperate with me unless I do some sort of workout: it might be a moderate run or a yoga flow or some HIIT,   but trust me, afterwards you will feel energized and super motivated.


SHOWER TIME! And make-up time, because when I am feeling productive I usually pull out my business self completely. (I even get dressed properly)


Finally the best part of the day: BREAKFAST! It is by far my favorite meal because I get so creative with food and treaties. According to what I have available, I usually make myself a banana and red fruits smoothies, topped with chocolate and coconut chips, chopped fruit and maple syrup to garnish everything. Otherwise, I always have some non-diary greek yogurt stored in my fridge with some nuts and peanut butter.


And now it is time to finally be productive and do what I have to do for the day, that can be UNI works, chores or errands downtown.






Let’s get real: everything you just read is complete b*******. I rarely do that. RARELY. What follows is me most of the time, especially during winter months.


The alarm goes off, but I know better than waking up so I don’t even think twice and I hit that snooze button HARD.


I woke up from a wonderful dream into a complete nightmare, because I slept in and most of my “productive” morning has already gone.


I have no time left. I quickly gulp down some coffee and some cereals.


I quickly wash my face and teeth just to get rid of my morning breath (it is a normal thing, NO JUDGMENT!)


I start working as fast as I can, with my pajamas still on and my eyes half closed.


At this point I usually give up on being productive and go back to my Instagram videos of cute kittens.



And that’s it for today my friends! I hope you found this post interesting and please let me know what are your honest morning routine in the comments below.

All the love,




My TOP 5 Italian Beauty Brands


OMG! It’s been ALMOST TWO months since my last blogpost. I am so sorry for disappearing but life has been incredibly hectic this spring.


Today’s post will be about my TOP 5 100% ITALIAN beauty brands.

Firstly, I want to thank my wonderful friend Ilka from Ilka Elise B for the idea and if you want to discover what Germany has to offer beauty and skincare wise, definitely check her blog out!

LET’S GO DOWN TO BUSINESS NOW! And remember that everything listed below is 100% cruelty free, vegan, bio and – of course – made in Italy!


Nabla is a cruelty-free, vegan, bio brand created by MrDanielMakeUp (check him out on YouTube) which offers an incredible makeup selection. My ultimate favorite of all times is the Dreamy Palette, because LOOK AT THE SHADES! It is incredibly versatile and can be used both for day and night make-up.


In my makeup collection I also have the Angel Highlighter, that gives you a moon-y glow and if you want to be seen from space you can easily build it up to the stars.


Neve is also a makeup and skincare brand, cruelty-free, vegan, bio and 100% made in Italy (of course… hence the title of this post). Unfortunately, I don’t have anything at the moment in my collection to show you but trust me on this one: they have the most outstanding mineral foundations and powders EVER! Check them on their website.

And don’t forget to check the skincare section!


This small company (Le Petit Plaisir)I firstly discovered last year is literally a gem and I am lucky enough to have a small shop that retails this brand just 5 minutes away from home! They mostly make skincare products but also fragrances without alcohol (I always reach out for them during summer days because they do not irritate my skin). Their pet subject is the ALEPPO SOAP, a disinfectant yet extremely delicate lotion for face and body (you can even use it as an feminine wash). During this past year, I loved the SHOWER OILS, the MINERAL DEODORANT and the ARGAN OIL.


Unluckily, their website is in Italian only so I am afraid you have to blindily look for everything you might like.


Let’s dive into skincare brands! My absolute babe is Biofficina Toscana a completely organic, vegan, cruelty-free and biologic brand that offers a wide selection of skincare and hair products. Recently I’ve been testing out the LIP DUO: a sugar scrub and a lip balm that have already saved my chapped lips on multiple occasions.


I also have tried their hair products, especially the shampoo and conditioner for curly hairs and I found them absolutely fabulous!


Last but not least, I want to talk about the most famous (maybe) Italian brand when it comes to hairs: Davines 

There are no words for the wonders this brand does on damaged hairs. Personally, I pick hair saloon based on whether they USE AND SELL Davines products or not. I don’t have a must-have to advise, because everything they do works incredibly well.


Every website I liked ships within the EU, some of them even internationally. This blog post is NOT SPONSORED by any of these brands , everything I wrote is knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

I hope you found this post useful, let me know in the comment section – who knows? Maybe you will find yourself in Italy one day!



These FREEZING days


And when you think that winter is finally over, here it is, a snow blizzard, freezing your bum.

Although I am a very winter person – I would never trade my cozy jumpers for a bikini, NEVER! –  this blizzard put on the test my patience and my capability to resist at low temperatures. As I sit on my bed, I wonder how did I manage to survive? How could I get out of my duvet and face the freezing world outside?

My thermal clothing saved me, this goes without a single doubt. My mantra was: LAYER EVERYTHING. My go-to outfit every, single day consisted in: thermal sweater, thermal leggings, a wool jumper, jeans, double layer or even triple layer of socks, faux-leather boots. And. of course, my dear old Napapijiri coat styled with a very cheap  yet beautiful  Primark scarf.

“Baby, it’s cold outside”

I know right?



But, despite my constant wining and complaining, I really cherished these days where everything was covered in white and no sound could be heard. I got to spend time with my best friends, taking pictures, rolling and jumping into the snow and drinking hot chocolate.

And when I ask myself: “am I ready for summer?” my honest answer is “Let’s build a snowman!”

Because summer means that you must be ready, with a killer bikini body that requires a lot of work (and squats… holy moly my glutes feels like daggers into my bones); summer is hot, bloody hot and I can’t stand stepping out of the shower already covered in swear.




Au revoir,







Hello beautiful souls,

Have you ever been in that situation when you see plenty of things you would like to buy but everything you’ve left with is a 50 euros note? Because I’ve been there lately and let me say that… it is a sad, sad feeling.

However I took this moment of economic crisis (hello 2008!) as a challenge to see how many things I could purchase in Milan. It was not easy at all, I was battled between buying “drugstore\chap” things just to raise the numbers and buying “high-end” products  to show that everything is affordable. But let’s see what was the result:

  • Snow White mug, 8 euros: I couldn’t help it. I had to go inside the Disney store. I had to! And I saw this beautiful mug on sale (actually it was a bundle of two, the other one is in the hands of my best friend) and I just couldn’t stop myself. Plus, it will make my breakfasts literally fairytales!
  • Tom Ford Lipstick, Boys and Girls collection in shade Anderson, 35 euros: Sephora is hell and heaven for us beauty addicted, there is no way to deny it. And in Milan it offers so many things I can’t have in my small city, and there was Tom Ford – which I adore – and you are always in need of a good nude lipstick.
  • Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate, 12,5% Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid, 22 euros: the name itself says it all. In addition to that Wayne Goss said this product was revolutionary for your skin and I had to tried it out. Obviously I had to buy the smallest size, but that is ok. I will let you know if it is as good as the internet says it is.


As you can see I didn’t buy much, because I preferred things on the pricy side of the shopping but that were worth the money (hopefully).

That is all for today. All the love,





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Hello beautiful people.

I hope this blog post finds you happy, radiant and full of energy.


This is a little update on my yoga “challenge”, which  – as you can probably tell by the title – is not going well.

I paused everything for the whole January because of heartbreak, to be honest. I was so focus on my sadness that I let everything else go.

Then, after a month of crying, I decided to heal myself… starting from yoga. And today was my first day back on the m


That’s all for today.






Okay. I finally did it. I made an order on Glossier.com and there is no coming back.

Everything arrived a couple of weeks ago but I took my sweet, sweet time to try the products out and see if they are worth the hype.

First of all, let’s see what I bought:


  • Glossier Phase 1 Set: a pre-made bundle that contains the famous Milky Jelly Cleanser, the more famous Priming Moisturizer and the MOST famous Lip Balm Dotcom.
  • Boy Brow in the shade Brown
  • Cloud Paint in the shade Haze
  • Lip Balm Dotcom in the shade Cherry

I’ve been trying these since they arrived (except from the Priming Moisturizer that is still as new as it came to me) and I think I am in love.

Okay, to be honest I still have to figure out why there is so much hype around the Milky Jelly Cleanser because for me, it worked just as any normal face wash: no miraculous results (my breakouts are still there) or incredible cleansing power. But for that, everything else is just AMAZING!

The Lip Balm Dotcom does wonders on your lips, and I have extremely dry ones.

The Boy Brow is perfect to achieve that no-make up make up look that is so fashionable these days (thank you very much Gigi Hadid).

The Cloud Paint, despite the troubles it gives me to take it out, just colors the cheeks with the healthiest glow.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Since Glossier. does not send to Italy (damn you Glossier.), I no longer have access to their products. So here it is the list of what I wish I had bought:

  • Mask Duo (Greens + Moon Masks)
  • Super Pack serums (Super Pure, Super Bounce, Super Glow)
  • Stretch Concealer 
  • Haloscope Highlighter


Hopefully I will get my hands on those products again sooner or later.

All the love,




2018 is finally here!

And with it, a s**** tons of resolutions that I will never stick to. That is because renewing yourself is a hard work and we don’t usually have the time, nor the will to do it.

Firstly, it is essential to start January the 1st in order to give yourself the right motivation. If you postpone everything at January the 2nd you already know that you will fail. However, on the very first day of the year you are usually to hangover to even realize that a new year has started and you are a step closer to your 50s.

Secondly, what does new year, new me even mean? It is not that I will magically become a Victoria’s Secret model overnight; or that I will become the Queen of eating healthy; or the Master of flexibility with a hint of fashion guru-y vibes. I will be the very same, old me: the one that struggle at waking up before 10 AM, that will always indulge in a piece of cake, that won’t bend when doing yoga, that will wear the first thing that comes out from my messy wardrobe.


Thirdly, as each new year starts, I promise myself that it will be MY year: I will lose weight, I will pay attention to my skin care routine, I will dress as a grown-up woman for once, I will eat healthy. Basically all I want is to be happy with myself, by creating new habits that will bring along a sense of control and organization in my life. The truth is that I am the happiest when I am reckless and uncontrolled, when things happen and completely change my little world.

As my favorite yogi says: do what feels good.

And happy new year.


PS: I am trying to stick to a 30 days yoga plan. I’ll keep you updated



It’s December, which could mean only one thing: CHRISTMAS IS COMING!

Aren’t all of you a holly ball of excitement already? No? Well, you should be! Because this is the best time of the year, when cities are all lightened up with Christmas lights, shops’ windows are more colorful, people are out and about all day buying Christmas present and eating Christmas delicatessens.

Speaking about eating, this is NOT a friendly season for scales. We tend to ingest so much food that maybe it’s better walking away and pretend that our favorite pair of jeans has just shrunken into the tumble dryer.

But here I am, with my first blog post, about to give you my “personally tested. Santa approved” unhealthy list on how survive holiday season without sinking into guilt.

  1. SLEEP. It’s holiday season after all. So might as well indulge in a long and restorative beauty sleep to be ready and fabulous for all the parties you have to attend. Moreover, it is unlikely that you gonna do something you’ll regret if you are in Dreamland.
  2. DO BRUNCHES. We all know that Christmas is a never ending stream of food, food and more food. So, why not merging together two meals? You can eat more without feeling guilty – ehy, you are just skipped breakfast or lunch, depending on your point of view – and you can take an infinite amount of instagrammable pictures in the meanwhile. It’s a win win.
  3. GO SHOPPING. December is not an easy month. First of all, it’s the last month of the year which usually means that deadlines are here, above our heads, and we have to deal with them NOW. No time left, no procrastination. Time to work beeeeeetchesss.   Secondly, we have to buy presents for everyone, tools to wrap them up in a nice little package and then we have to buy a little treat for ourselves, just because. Therefore there is almost no time left to go to the gym, alas! The good news is that going shopping burns as many calories as a medium intensity workout! Why? Well, try to carry a thousand and more bags in just one arm and then let me know!
  4. COOK WHILE LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS SONGS. Actually, this might work just for me because I am the clumsiest person on Earth. However, if you find yourself wonder with your mind at least twice a day, this tip could be for you. Basically, you’d get distracted by the jingles of Christmas carols and forgot about the food.
  5. VISIT CHRISTMAS MARKETS. Last but not least, a trip to the local Christmas market is mandatory. This won’t help you get fitter or thinner or healthier but how could you miss those little wooden cottages that sell you nice things and mulled wine?

And that’s a wrap for this blog post. I hope you liked it and found these little tips a tiny bit funny (they’re not useful at all).

Have a merry little Christmas,